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Reflection on the Life of the Spirit

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The first book in the sequence of courses is largely concerned with the question of identity. What is the real identity of the “I” in the sentence “I walk a path of service”? Three aspects of individual identity are explored in the book: “The reality of my existence is my soul which passes through this world to acquire the attributes it needs for an eternal and glorious journey towards God. My most cherished moments are those spent in communion with God, for prayer is the daily nourishment that my soul must receive if it is to accomplish its exalted purpose. One of my principal concerns in this life is to study the Holy Writings, strive to increase my understanding of the divine teachings, and learn to apply them to my own daily life and to the life of the community.” The book consists of the units “Understanding the Bahá’í Writings”, “Prayer”, and “Life and Death”. It encourages those who study it to take a first step on the path of service by hosting a meeting for prayer and worship in their home.

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Edição 4.1.2.PE de Maio de 2020
ISBN 978-958-59880-2-6
Titulo original Book 1 - Reflection on the Life of the Spirit
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